Seawalls, Erosion and Flood barriers, Retaining Walls and Permanent Shoring.

For nearly 40 years, Tidewall vinyl sheet piling has been a globally proven solution for civil works, construction, floodwalls, erosion barriers, seepage walls and shoreline containment. Tidewall vinyl sheet piling is a high quality, affordable product that is durable and resistant to corrosion. As a testament to its engineering excellence, Tidewall offers a limited 60 year transferable warranty. This vinyl sheet piling uses 100% window grade UV stabilised PVC compound. Tidewall sheet piling is designed to be slightly thicker, deeper, and stronger than competitive alternatives. It is recyclable, easy to transport and install product that is specifically designed for erosion and water prone construction projects. Tidewall sheet piling is a superior alternative to steel sheet piling, rock, wood, or concrete resulting in a long term barrier at a significantly lower cost. Up to date, accurate engineering data helps you to determine which Tidewall sheet piling product best suits your water and erosion containment projects.