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Seawalls, Erosion and Flood barriers, Retaining Walls and Permanent Shoring.

Vinyl sheet piling has been a solution of choice for protecting coastal land from erosion since the mid-1990’s. It is a proven product, and millions of feet of shoreline bordering oceans, canals, lakes, streams and ponds has been protected by vinyl sheet piling. It is an attractive, functional product that can add value to any waterfront property. Tidewall is also used effectively as flood walls, either free-standing or to raise the height of existing dikes. Or as cut-off walls, controlling the subterranean movement of water to prevent the undercutting of above-ground structures. Many applications that have used steel sheet piling, wood, or concrete in the past can be converted to Tidewall vinyl sheet piling, resulting in a permanent, high quality wall for a significantly lower cost than these alternatives. We also can supply and install jettys, slipways, decks, patios and minor landscaping.

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Tidewall is an excellent option for flood protection walls. Either as a stand-alone wall, or to increase the height of an existing dike, or in a terraced multi-wall system, Tidewall is a cost-effective solution to protecting flood prone areas.

Erosion & Flood Barriers

Tidewall has long been used to control erosion at the interface between land and water. Property that is located on lakes, canals, ponds, and other waterways is subject to erosion that can recede the shoreline and render it less attractive and functional to the property owner.

Retaining Walls

Tidewall can be used as a retaining wall, either as a single wall or as a series to terrace a slopped surface, allow more effective utilisation of the land.

Permanent Shoring

Tidewall can be used quite effectively to control the flow and seepage of subterranean fluid. Many applications, from the protection of structures, to the containment of landfill effluent, to wetlands management, can effectively utilize Tidewall vinyl sheet piling to create a barrier to underground fluid migration.

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