Tidewall is designed to be driven into the ground similar to steel sheet piles. Many different methods and equipment are used for driving Tidewall, but the most common driving methods:

Vibro Hammer

A vibro hammer is used to lift the sheets, sometimes in tandem, and vibrate the sheets into the soil. Much lighter weight vibro hammers should be used for Tidewall than would be used for steel piling, however.

Plate Compactor

In areas where the soil is moderately stiff or less, a plate compactor on a backhoe can drive Tidewall sheets smoothly and efficiently.

Compression Driving

Where the soils are very soft, simple compression driving works well to install Tidewall sheets. The bucket of a backhoe is used to exert downward pressure on the sheets, pressing them smoothly into the ground. This method works better with the heavier Tidewall Sheets such as TW75 and above.