Vietnam Flood Walls - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Installation: TW25, TW40, TW80
Linear Feet/Metres: 5,300 Lineal Metres
Sheet Lengths: Varied
Soil Conditions: Sand/silt, some clay
Existing Wall: None
Contractor: CNS Corporation
Design Engineer: CNS Corporation
Installation Method: Tracked crane with vibro hammer
Tidewall was installed as a flood wall on several canals prone to flooding. The earthen dikes would erode and fail, allowing the flood waters to breach the dike. The Tidewall sheets were driven into the centre of the dikes, with the wall projecting above the top of the dikes to a specified height, providing a permanent solution to the flooding problems.


Tairua Marina - Tauranga, New Zealand

Installation: TW80 Clay
Linear Feet/Metres: 5,10 Lineal Metres
Sheet Lengths: 5.4 and 6.4 Metres
Soil Conditions: Sand
Existing Wall: None
Installation Method: Plated compactor
Tidewall sheets were used to construct a secure, permanent wall around a new high-end marina in Tauranga, New Zealand. Tidewall was chosen for its combination of aesthetics, corrosion resistance and low cost. Precast concrete sections were placed atop the wall, and the final result is a beautiful wall that will last for decades.


Road Erosion - Lafourche Parish, LA

Installation: TW75
Linear Feet/Metres: 960 Lineal Metres
Sheet Lengths: 3 Metres
Soil Conditions: 6' organic soil above clay
Existing Wall: None
Contractor: Barriere Construction
Design Engineer: Duplantis Design Group
Installation Method: 315 Cat excavator with flat press plate
Due to the extreme slope of the land, this road in Lafourche Parish in Louisiana was cracking and sliding down the slope, causing unsafe conditions and resulting in ongoing repair expenses. The problem was corrected using Tidewall TW75 in 3 metre long sheets, with approximately 2/3 metres of exposed height. This bought the shoulder of the road closer to the elevation of the road itself, relieving the stress on the asphalt and allowing permanent repairs to be made.


Thailand Flood Wall - Bangkok, Thailand

Installation: TW80
Linear Feet/Metres: 250 Lineal Metres
Sheet Lengths: 6 Metres
Soil Conditions: Sand and clay
Existing Wall: Masonry concrete behind
Contractor: CLS
Design Engineer: CLS
Installation Method: Portable pile hammer
Tidewall was installed as a flood wall surrounding a valuable commercial installation. Thailand has experienced a major flood in 2011, resulting in a need for cost-effective flood walls throughout populated areas. Tidewall was an ideal solution, a 2 metre high wall finished with a steel reinforced concrete cap.